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Growth Marketing & Paid Media

The point — and goal — of growth marketing and paid media is the constant analysis and optimization of every campaign in real time. It’s about utilizing data to consistently fine-tune messaging to reach and resonate with your audience across all media platforms, ultimately moving them to your desired action.

Paid Search

With billions of searches per day and thousands of search queries every second, if you sell it, chances are someone is already Googling it. It’s not enough to pay to stand out from the crowd on page one of Google: it’s about making your dollars go as far as possible and reaching the right people, at the right time, for the lowest cost.

The heart and soul of our approach is gaining a granular understanding of audience search nuances, the experience to know what has the best chance to succeed, and the skill to tie it all to your goals. Add to that in-depth competitive analysis, high-level keyword insights, constant monitoring of market and seasonal trends, and customized dashboards to showcase reporting on your data and analytics, and you get comprehensive execution on any paid search media plan.

Paid Social Media

The good news for brands is that social media gives you a megaphone. The bad news? Everyone else has that megaphone, too. How do you cut through the noise? Not by doing what everyone else does, but by taking a strategic approach. Whether it’s TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or whatever the latest and greatest platform is, in order to succeed on social media, you need a marketing agency that provides clarity amid confusion.

In a world as noisy as social media, data and speed win the game. On the organic side, this includes content planning, developing content calendars, using best posting practices and resources, and monitoring and optimizing based on what content gets the most engagement. We use sophisticated targeting to make sure we’re laser-focused on your target audience. We leverage the vast amounts of information available on social media to cut through the confusion and amplify your brand.

Programmatic & Display

Programmatic is a word that gets thrown around a lot, but it’s not always clearly defined. As stewards of our clients’ media, part of our role is to turn highly technical information about the way in which advertising works into actionable, measurable media plans to drive your business forward.

Social media and Google are great, but what about the other 99% of mediums out there? Programmatic display lets us reach your key audience at crazy efficient costs, regardless of their chosen medium — including display, native, video ads, and programmatic ad buying models, like real-time bidding and private marketplaces — with a deep level of tracking and reporting granularity.

Optimizations & Testing

Data represents a story that is never finished. Once any plan is presented and approved, we immediately go to work trying to prove that it wasn’t the best. We test our original plan against new search terms, audience demographics, locations — any of hundreds of possible combinations in the pursuit of finding something better.

The real beauty of paid media is that it’s a living, breathing ecosystem. And like any ecosystem, it requires constant attention to ensure that you’re never outcompeted.

Beyond paid media, we offer a range of related services, including Radio Advertising (Traditional & Digital), Video Advertising, Print & Out-of-Home Advertising, and Digital Marketplace Optimization.