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Digital Marketplace Optimization

If you’re selling products directly to customers, you’re going to want to make sure you’re selling them in the right places. It’s not enough to simply open an account and display your products, you’ll need the right imagery, a strategy for gathering reviews, and more to get selling.

Amazon Optimization

One of the largest marketplaces on the web, Amazon is typically the first place many consumers go to order a wide range of products — from food to jewelry to furniture. Getting yourself properly set up on Amazon means you’re doing everything you can to meet the expectations of their A9 algorithm.

This means at the very least you’re creating A+ content, setting up your own business’s store page, and optimizing your product pages to stand out in the crowd.

Ecommerce SEO

If you have a website dedicated to selling your products, as opposed featuring them on a more public marketplace, having your site optimized to funnel users toward converting is of the utmost importance. We’ll review how your products are organized, how we can make your product pages irresistible, and create any additional content that can help educate consumers about the problem your product solves.