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So You Want to Start Content Marketing: An Ode to Marketers

Rebel Staff,

As 2021 draws to a close, Rebel has created a tribute for content marketing to celebrate the content that surrounds us everyday. Content is everywhere. So much so, that it can be hard to know where to pay attention. How do you get others to stop scrolling, engage, and join your brand’s community? You do it boldly – rebelliously -with a little creativity.


Wrapped In Rhythm and Rhyme

You want to tackle content marketing 

But you’re not exactly sure how;

Fear not! You’ve come to the right place

Shift your perspective, here and now.

In order to embrace this 

Let’s first travel back in time;

To better understand the essence

Of what marketers had in mind.

It’s no surprise “digital marketing” searches

Grew alongside “content marketing” in popularity;

When you end up finding your audience, 

A blank website or empty ad is a rarity.

Marketers across every industry

Realize content continues to be king;

It’s the very thing that represents your brand

But value and relevance, you must bring.

Every minute we are inundated

With content from all angles;

Stop pressing publish without pausing first

It’s your message they must entangle.

Content surrounds us and delights us

It inspires and calms us, too;

But just as quickly as that occurs 

Frustration and dissatisfaction can brew.

We must rebel through the noise 

Putting forth content that provides value;

Shift your mindset to your audience

That’s when your content will break through.

Gather the right strategic team members 

With varying skill sets and points of view;

Stand together at a whiteboard

Voila! Your perspective will be brand new.

Instead of starting with age range

Try brainstorming moments, big and small; 

It’s the micro-insights that trigger ideas

That are more strategic overall.

Personify your target audience

As if they’re sitting at your table;

Describe them as a person or friend

To avoid any sort of label.

From there you’ll begin to visualize

How best to emotionally connect;

When you start to reach the human

Loyal customers are what you should expect.

Now revisit your brand story 

To identify common ground;

Between what you want to say and what they want to hear

There’s a sweet spot you have found.

Next, think about each channel

From what to say, when and how;

Develop your content marketing plan

Within a comprehensive marketing strategy that wows.

Let’s breakdown the old perspective 

That “content marketing” equals “blog”;

New content types are endless and evolving

Those with a modern perspective will leapfrog.

When you go to press publish or post

Ask yourself a simple question;

If it’s not valuable, original, insightful or memorable

Starting from scratch is our suggestion.

Review your content with the audience in mind

A maxed-out inbox makes them numb;

Try providing useful content that’s not salesy

Design and write it to convince them.

When all is said and done 

We just want you to be successful; 

Crushing goals and happy customers

Lead to a happy life that’s less stressful.

Put Rebel on Your Wishlist


Reflect on this past year, did you check off all the content you wanted to create? Now that you’ve learned the ins and outs, it’s time to sit down and make a content marketing wish list for 2022. Your brand has been good this year, isn’t it time to tell the masses? Rebel is here, and our workshop is ready.