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Resilience: Life’s Secret Sauce

Rebel Staff,

Why did Rebel make the 2020 #inc5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America list? Here’s the short answer: we are all resilient. 

How do we build resilience? That’s the interesting part. 

As we’ve all learned — this past year in particular — life hands you triumph and tragedy, sometimes hand-in-hand. 

You built your business through grit and determination, facing and conquering challenges with fearlessness. But suddenly everything got a lot more challenging. You woke up earlier each day than the one before. You started to worry. Would your business make it? 

It’s what you did next that mattered, to you, your colleagues and your peers.

We know that resilience is about advancing despite adversity. Progress over perfection. Resilient people and companies face reality with staunchness, make meaning of hardship, and improvise solutions almost from thin air. It’s at the heart of our agency because it’s in the DNA of everyone who works here. 

Whether it’s a pandemic or an economic downturn, a career change, life event, becoming a parent, losing (or gaining) friends, hitting a salary goal, achieving a career milestone, overcoming a negative review, having a difficult discussion, teaching or learning a hard lesson, or finding the new normal, the strength, strategy, positivity, creativity, courage, and confidence required to meet these challenges are what contribute to living a meaningful life. 

That is the personification of resilience.

With resilience, encouragement and support, anything is possible. And isn’t that why we’re here? To make our mark? To make a difference? To summon resilience during challenges in order to exceed your expectations? 

Life’s secret sauce has a fairly simple recipe. Wake up each day with the spirit, energy and perseverance to thrive no matter what comes your way. We did it. So can you.