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Facebook’s Influence on Influencer Marketing

Rebel Staff,

Spoiler alert: Facebook is beginning to cash in on influencer and brand ambassador marketing. The social media giant recently allowed brands to boost an influencer’s post without that influencer having to share it. Not exactly, surprising, right?

A cursory glance shows these ads appearing more organic, and the change also seems to streamline the process. But don’t forget: this is Facebook and Facebook is all about an uncanny ability to monetize, so we wouldn’t be surprised if an algorithm change follows.

This seemingly minor adjustment might have a major impact on influencer marketing. For starters, if Facebook adjusts its algorithm to slowly stifle influencer posts from appearing organically, it would mean that brands will now pay to play in this Facebook space.

Another outcome could end Facebook’s influencer marketing as we know it. Currently most brands work with influencers (generally unknown outside that community) who have many followers and who have carved a stronghold in that specific community. This fact has kept the cost of working with influencers down and has required an influencer to be just that: someone with influence in a specific community. But if the outcome is having to pay for an influencer’s post to appear in front of their own target audience, the size of the influencer’s audience is a moot point.

Facebook has experienced notoriety in making it difficult for companies and brands to get in front of their own followers organically, which has hurt smaller brands and companies that can’t compete with deep-pocketed big brands. We suspect you’ll see more A-list celebrities and big brands becoming involved in Facebook influencer marketing campaigns.

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