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CT-Based Business Consultancy Unveils Breakthrough AI Platform

BJ Kito,

CHESHIRE, CT, June 4, 2024: Virtuoso, a market expansion and business strategy firm, and member of the Rebellion Group, has released Krakin, a proprietary platform designed to instantly unleash the power of artificial intelligence for businesses and brands.

Built by Harvard and Yale-educated neuroscientist Dr. Chris Nocera and a team of data scientists, developers, and strategists, Krakin decodes the complex psychology of consumers, transforming decades of data into actionable strategies that propel brands. 

“Krakin reveals deep psychological consumer insights, enabling marketers to forge authentic connections and drive meaningful engagement,” said Nocera. “In mere seconds, it defines the right audience, right messaging, right media mix, and right creative relative to each consumer’s deviation from the current brand position.”

The project was a joint effort between Rebellion Group companies Virtuoso and 535, a performance-driven growth marketing lab, led by Rebellion CEO Bryn Tindall and Virtuoso’s CEO BJ Kito. The initiative was to create a more actionable and valuable AI tool amongst countless martech products coming to market claiming to be AI, yet still incapable of eliminating human bias.

“Krakin leverages what we refer to as psycholinguistics,” said Dr. Nocera. “This is powered by the infusion of over 50 proprietary cognitive-factor models, which allows us to create truly comprehensive, dynamic personas that inform how to communicate, how to position, as well as what, when, where, and how to communicate.”

Currently, Krakin is only available to businesses in partnership with the Rebellion Group, but a waiting list for demonstrations is growing as more become aware of the uniqueness of Krakin’s offering.

“Krakin differentiates from other tools because they fail to acknowledge the inherent flaws of blind generative recommendations. Those tools are based merely on industry benchmarks and reported behavioral data from platforms, force-fitting consumers into rigid demographic-based targeting parameters,” said Kito. “Krakin is the only AI platform that effectively models a critical element to marketing and business: consumers’ discreet drivers behind their commercial decisions and actions. 

“Essentially,” Kito added, “Krakin is the ‘monster’ of all tools that other networks, media platforms, and surface-level LLM interface AI tools have nightmares about because it empowers businesses to create laser-focused marketing campaigns that are rooted in deeper, more insightful consumer behavioral data and backed by AI’s evaluation of immense sets of data and language.”


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