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Becoming a Rebel: My Internship Experience

Rebel Staff,

The Rebel Difference

When you consider the term “internship,” what comes to mind? Running errands? Getting coffee? Grunt work? It doesn’t have to be that way. 

The concept of searching for an internship can be overwhelming for some, especially when there are thousands of internship opportunities across the nation. In fact, according to Zippia, the estimated number of student interns in the United States each year is an eye-opening 300,000. So, the question is, when it comes down to it, which program should you choose? 

When searching for the right internship program, look for job descriptions that highlight a “hands-on” experience. A good program will uncover your strengths, which is exactly what an internship at Rebel Interactive Group does.  

Before sharing the deets about my experience, let me introduce myself. I’m MaryKate and I’m a Creative Strategy Specialist here at Rebel Interactive Group. I’m also a senior at Western New England University in Springfield, Massachusetts, majoring in Marketing, Communications, and Advertising, with a Certificate in Entrepreneurship. This is in addition to working toward a Master’s in Organizational Leadership. As a former intern myself—and someone with a deep passion for marketing—I’ve learned exactly what you should expect during an agency marketing internship. 

The Agency Life

The best part about an agency-based internship program  is the exposure you get to all the aspects of marketing. At Rebel, you become fully immersed in agency life and you actively do the work, not just observe it. In addition, you’re continually challenged in so many ways.

For example, during my Rebel internship, I’ve been part of the creation of brands, content marketing, strategy, and photoshoot directions. This doesn’t mean that your internship would specifically encompass, say, content creation; it just happens to be one of my many areas of interest, one that Rebel gave me the opportunity to explore in greater depth. My case is hardly an isolated one—other Rebels have had similar experiences. 

“Rebel is an upbeat, fast-paced environment with constant collaboration,” notes my colleague, Julia Sernoffsky, Multimedia Content Specialist and a former Rebel intern. “It’s engaging, rewarding, and there’s always room for growth. I can genuinely say that I’ve learned so much from my peers on the Rebel Interactive Group Content Team.” 

Among the best parts of my internship was the opportunity to help develop and launch Rebel Movement, a clothing line subsidiary of Rebel Interactive Group. Based on my previous experience, I was part of the team tasked with the front-end development of Rebel Movement’s e-commerce site and quickly became a key asset, along with many other Rebels, in launching the brand. 

While my Rebel Movement experience stands out, it’s the exposure to multiple projects and clients that has helped me hone in on exactly what I like to do. I’ve been inspired, pushed beyond my comfort zone, and, most important, found a way to harness my creative spirit. 

The Leadership

Learning from leadership should play a key role in your internship program. You can expect to work with leaders in the agency and receive real-time feedback that positions you for success going forward. 

Receiving feedback is crucial to your growth as a young professional. An internship at Rebels allows for an ample amount of feedback from everyone in the company; including peers and members of our Senior Leadership Team. 

“The feedback I received during my internship at Rebel helped me grow tremendously in the field of SEO, and the whole team welcomed me with open arms,” says SEO Specialist James Chasco-Diamuro. “This is definitely a company that cares about its employees.” 

That care shows in the feedback we get—it’s always measured, constructive, and pushes us to become the best professional versions of ourselves. 

Structured for Success

Part of what drives the Rebel internship program—and the success of its participants—is its structure. The intake process, Rebel background training, placement on a relevant team, and ongoing supervision are all directed from day one by Melissa Nardiello (Mel), Rebel’s Operations & Human Resources Manager. As interns progress through a job- and team-specific training and become enculturated, Mel remains with each of us, charting our progress, offering help and advice when needed, and keeping us on track.  

Mel notes that her favorite part about managing the program is mentoring and watching people grow personally and professionally. 

“I have a tendency to take the role of teaching and helping people reach goals,” she says. “I find it fulfilling.” 

As the leader of our internship program, Mel combines a unique skill set with what we call the “Rebel vibe,”  which is as much about finding a fit for the culture as it is about credentials. Immersion, growth, and the Rebel culture have been woven into our internship experiences. 

Interested in an internship at Rebel?

Typically, Rebel looks for candidates who are either close to graduation or have recently graduated. Along with core skills in your area of interest, you’ll need to have the ability to handle multiple projects, work in a fast-paced environment, and above all else, embody our Rebel values. 

I will leave you with one more piece of advice, courtesy of the author of the Declaration of Independence and our third U.S. president, Thomas Jefferson: “To get something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.” 

Ready to take the plunge? Have questions? Contact us or Apply Today!