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8760 Podcast: From Minor Leagues to Major Business: Growing Tucci into an Elite Brand

BJ Kito,

Join us on an exciting journey with Rebel’s Chief Strategy Officer BJ Kito and VP of Strategic Marketing & Impact Steve McLoughlin as they sit down with Pete Tucci, the founder and CEO of Tucci Lumber Co. He’s gone from being one of minor league baseball’s top prospects to all-star business exec, and his journey is nothing short of inspiring. Major league lessons on the reality that a missed goal does not equate to failure and how training for one path actually provides unique perspective when forced to focus in a different direction.

For Pete, what felt like shoot-from-the-hip decisions as a business owner, was ultimately rooted in his ability to make calculated split-second decisions as an athlete – the real-time scanning and evaluation of the pitcher, field, game scenarios, etc. from the batter’s box. This transition of batter’s eye to business world is what gave him the insight to see a pathway to building a high-end baseball brand embraced by the most elite players in the MLB.

If you’re a fan of great baseball stories or looking for ways to improve the hard-hit percentages of your decision-making, this conversation will get everyone to pause and think what truly drives our “gut” decisions. Click the button to listen now or watch the video below!