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WordPress Website Development

It takes a village to develop a WordPress site, and the process begins well before our team writes any code. The first step is to investigate your situation and outline a set of requirements for your site. Then, our expert designers get to work, creating a vision that our developers turn into a reality. The final step before launch is an in-depth QA process so that everything looks, feels, and functions as it should before your website goes live.

Custom WordPress Design Solutions

With Rebellion Group, we ensure your site will look and feel uniquely your own. Our WordPress solutions combine the best design and development so that your site is custom-built and ultimately ownable for your business.

WordPress Development Services

Rebellion Group’s developers know that WordPress performance relies on clean, efficient code, careful use of plugins, adherence to best practices, and optimization of every asset that goes into a site. With an eye toward security and accessibility, we make the most of WordPress to accommodate whatever business needs arise.

WordPress Website Maintenance and Support

Once your WordPress site is live, we can ensure optimal performance with ongoing maintenance and support service. This includes security updates, backups, A/B testing, troubleshooting, and adding new features.