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Technical SEO

Having your website optimized for technical SEO means that you don’t have any roadblocks that would lead to users hitting 404 pages and that your site loads as quickly as possible.

Pagespeed & Page Experience

In 2021, Google launched “page experience,” their new metric for measuring website performance on a technical level. This consists of mobile site performance, site security, and core web vitals. We want users to have trust that the website they’re about to use is legitimate.

Pagespeed is most directly tied to the core web vital metrics. It’s based on how long it takes for large elements to load on your page and whether different elements of your webpage load all at once or piecemeal. Fulfilling these metrics has less of an impact on how you rank and plays more of a role in how the users experience the website when everything loads properly.

Indexation Review

Not showing up in Google? That’s where our indexation audits come into play. Rebellion Group’s team is experienced at navigating complex issues that could be preventing your site from appearing in any search engine.