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Social Playbook

Imagine if you knew what to post and where to post it to achieve an optimal connection with your audience every time. That’s the value of a social playbook: it’s a strategic social media and content-creation guide designed to help you maintain a consistent presence and solidify authentic, long-term relationships with your followers.

How It Works

We put the power of our strategy team into customizing your playbook based on your specific needs. It’s based on a deep dive into data and analytics as we craft an understanding of your audiences’ desires, motivations, and habits. Along with extensive knowledge of industry trends and best practices, plus a robust competitor analysis, we’re better able to create specific messaging and imagery that truly connect with your prospects and customers across any platform.

Rebellion Group social playbooks offer an overview of your brand and its values; brand narrative; content themes; personas that articulate who your brand speaks to; and platform-based best-practice recommendations.

Most important, in terms of content creation, your playbook provides detailed guidelines for copy, imagery, color choices, and the overall aesthetic of the brand across all platforms.

A Living Document

As social media trends and best practices shift — and as your brand’s goals evolve — your playbook can be updated to match your needs and align with algorithmic updates and shifts in consumer consumption patterns.