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SEO Research

Before we begin activating on new web pages or calling on designers to create multimedia assets that explain how your business works, the SEO team needs to understand what Google’s expectations for your industry are by investigating what shows up in search results for important key terms.

Keyword Research

One of the best ways that we as SEO professionals can learn about a business is by conducting keyword research. This helps us identify not only the search volume and competition around your business’s important terms, but understand the primary and sub-topics that we can create content around.

Once we know the terms most important to a business, the next step is to understand what kind of content is ranking highly for those terms and are there any search engine results page (SERP) features that we can try to take advantage of? This will impact how we devise a content strategy going forward.

Analytics Research

Understanding how your website is performing starts with the data you’ve already collected. By reviewing how users not only get to your website and their experiences once there, we can quickly identify potential issues that may be preventing them from taking the next step to purchase. If your site doesn’t have any website analytics set up, getting Google’s GA4 analytics in place would be a top priority as it allows us to accurately measure campaign performance.