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Reel: Microsites with Macro Impact

Your website tells your story and defines your services, but if it isn’t converting visitors into leads, what’s your next step? Enter Reel, a fully managed microsite service, launched from a QR code, that can quickly capture data, build contact lists, and begin nurturing leads. With Reel, there’s no need to rebuild your site or invest in a sprawling consumer data collection program.

Data Capture Simplified

Implemented in as little as one day, Reel allows you to overcome the challenges of capturing consumer data. You’re provided with a polished, streamlined microsite that simplifies the user experience and quickly gets interested consumers into the sales funnel.

Control the Experience, Control the Data

Leveraging your brand assets for consistency and authenticity, your Reel microsite typically includes three brief sections. The first should engage users through a unique or interactive piece of content — like a video, podcast, or blog — to reward them for visiting. Next, they’ll find an easily accessible form to submit contact information on the spot. Lastly, we recommend adding a link to your main website so that users can take a deeper dive into your brand, if desired.

Once you launch the microsite, consumers access it via QR code, and Reel guides them to the point of providing their data. From there, you nurture the relationship and develop brand loyalty. All without relying on a third party for data collection.