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On-Page SEO

When we talk about on-page SEO, we’re referring to everything that is visible on the actual pages of your website. We take into consideration how you lay out your web copy, the utilization of different content formats, and where your business falls in the category of “Your Money, Your Life.”

Written Content

Much of your webpage should have written text to describe your products or services. It’s through this text that Google tries to understand what your page is about before serving it to users in organic search results. Rebellion Group will review how your content compares to competitors and look for opportunities to better explain what you do for users.

Multimedia Content

Sometimes your audience isn’t looking for written content to help them understand a topic or solve a problem. Perhaps a video would be best suited to review something a little more complex or an infographic might help users visualize an intricate process. Rebellion Group will recommend specific multimedia content to help visually explain your business services.

Page Layout

Aside from all of the creative elements on the page, we will also advise on any potential issues with the overarching layout. Ensuring that users understand where they should be going and what to do next is just as important as what’s on the page.