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Accelerate Market Position Sessions

The beginning of any agency-client relationship sets the tone for the output that follows. To align on your goals and challenges, we start by hosting an AMP session: an in-depth, collaborative workshop in which we find untapped opportunities and creative ways to take advantage of them. This speeds up the familiarization process as we learn about your brand and business — inside and out.

An Actionable Approach to Strategic and Business Consultation

In essence, an AMP session is our version of a design thinking workshop — a business strategy brainstorm. Our experienced strategists lead your team through conversational, hands-on exercises that dive deep into your brand and unlock new thinking. As we explore the current and future state of your business, we learn to speak your language and consult on what’s possible, all in real time.

In-Depth Understanding Drives Our Work

AMP sessions can be 2–8 hours in length. Whether we focus on your brand at large or the specific deliverables you want to prioritize, we design the experience to inform our decisions and recommendations going forward. You’ll leave with an actionable list of potential growth opportunities, and we’ll be able to get to work faster.