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11ty & Netlify Development

11ty, or Eleventy, is a static site generator that accelerates website development using HTML, SASS, and Javascript without specialty, server-side software or a database connection. It focuses on using reusable blocks of code, allowing developers to write elegant, clean code that is easier to maintain and support.

Netlify is a platform optimized for hosting Jamstack sites and web applications. Focused on performance and ease of use, Netlfiy has many features that help our team create blazing-fast sites that deliver unparalleled performance and flexibility.

Benefits of 11ty & Netlify for Website Development

11ty and Netflity are part of Jamstack, a modern web architecture that’s fast, easy to scale, and secure. Code is precompiled and served via Netlfify as static HTML, meaning pages do not require multiple database calls to pull what needs to be displayed. This process speeds up page loads and keeps a site more secure as there are fewer points of entry to intercept and modify data.

11ty’s powerful and flexible architecture allows developers to customize many aspects of it, speeding up the development process and making for efficient, readable code.