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Supporting a Breakthrough in Pet Cancer Treatment

TORIGEN Pharmaceuticals

The Challenge:

Torigen Pharmaceuticals aims to change the way cancer is treated in cats and dogs. Harnessing the power of pets’ immune own systems, Torigen creates a whole-cell vaccine representing a diverse sample of cancerous antigens for individualized immunotherapy treatments. The company needed to make inroads to build awareness among and partner with veterinarians.

The Need:

Veterinarians simply didn’t know the Torigen name or the benefits of its breakthrough cancer therapy. They needed a campaign to build awareness and help their salespeople get a foot a foot in the door at practices.

The Solution:

Through paid media, we targeted veterinarians directly to build website traffic and register for a free trial kit, aiming to get vets to order the product and administer it. At the same time, we created a range of digital and print resources to help train Torigen’s salespeople on selling into veterinary practices

The Results:


Programmatic average CTR, well above the industry average of .1%


LinkedIn impressions in market, with a CTR of .45%, well above the industry average of .25%, with a total of 4 kits requested.