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Raising a Glass to Strong Branding

RIPE Bar Juice

The Challenge:

Makers of a great product, RIPE sought to align their brand with the quality of their cocktail mixes. They came to us to freshen things up. To make RIPE feel distinct compared to other mixers and ready-to-drink options.

The Insight:

Making a cocktail feels good. It’s more personal than opening a can, and it shows you care more about what you’re drinking than how much of it you drink. With RIPE, you have a convenient way to make drinks to your liking for any occasion.

The Solution:

Having identified that beauty is in the eye of the beholder (read: drinker), we embraced individuality. Not in a wacky, out-of-touch, corporate sort of way. But rather in a way that de-emphasizes the importance of cocktail mix and highlights the moments in which it’s consumed.