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Favoring Flavor for Brand Success


The Challenge:

Since its debut in 2010, Bird Dog Whiskey has been the most-awarded flavored whiskey brand in the country. They’ve helped shape the foundation of flavored whiskey for the world, but competition in the flavored spirits market has grown. Bird Dog Whiskey found itself in a suddenly saturated space, with competitors like Crown Royale, Jack Daniels, and Jim Beam releasing their own list of flavored whiskeys. The entrance of these players caused a stall in capturing market share and conquesting new customers.

The Insight:

Research revealed that competitors each had an overarching brand platform grounded in the brand’s values and their customers’ needs (think Corona’s “Find Your Beach” campaign).

The Solution:

The Rebellion Group developed the “Life is Short, So Add Some Flavor” brand platform in which every touchpoint — from TV and radio to POP and billboards — reinforced the platform’s message.

The Results:

Overall numbers since the introduction of “Life is Short, So Add Some Flavor” show that:


Relevant audiences viewed the client’s paid ads over 40 million times and counting, driving over 580,000 clicks to their website.


Social profile views increased by over 69% and engagement skyrocketed, creating relationships with influencers and ambassadors who promote the Bird Dog flavors to their fans.


Conversion actions increased by nearly 120% on Bird Dog Whiskey’s website.