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Building a Brand from the Ground Up

Eastern Connecticut State University

The Challenge:

Eastern Connecticut State University looked like every other institution and therefore struggled to stand out in a crowded higher education landscape. It had no cohesive identity — other than its name — upon which to build marketing and messaging. Just a group of assets lacking a story.

The Insight:

In higher education, a school’s brand is more than just its image. It’s the story, soul, and embodiment of the pride students feel well beyond graduation.

The Solution:

After surveying students and faculty to understand what makes Eastern special, we crafted concepts centered around the school’s Warrior mascot.

The Results:

The selected concept informed a bold, new brand that embraced the mascot’s spirit and tenacity. Applied across a range of assets from posters to videos to swag, our concept covered the campus and the client’s marketing materials in Warrior spirit.