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Bringing Clarity to a Medical Consultancy’s Mission


The Challenge:

PRIA Healthcare is a medical device consultancy that works with medical device manufacturers to assist with the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) approval process, payer approval process, and other services. Because they partner with healthcare professionals, insurance professionals, and other healthcare providers, they needed to find overall alignment in mission and messaging.

The Insight:

What PRIA was lacking was a cohesive communications strategy. While its business featured multiple services and audiences, there was no singular marketing flow — a structure from which all efforts could flow.

The Solution:

The overarching mission and direction we created brought the disparate audiences and services together in a wide-ranging campaign featuring online and print media. Taken together, they showcased PRIA Healthcare’s unique understanding of the medical market landscape, unparalleled access to patients, data, and information, and proven experience in strategic product planning and go-to-market strategies.